Seance: First Edition - Tribal Theme Deck (Rainbow Wizard)

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Set: Seance: First Edition Sealed
Release Date: 2022-10-21
The MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation — Seance Spellbook is a fantastic place to start! This kit comes with everything players or collectors will need to get a strong start for their MetaZoo hobby!

Each Seance: First Edition Tribal Theme Deck contains:
• 1 Exclusive MetaZoo: Seance holographic promo card
• 1 39-ct. Pages (cards) sealed pre-constructed deck
• 1 Official MetaZoo rulebook
• 1 MetaZoo: Seance Booster Pack
• 1 MetaZoo metallic coin

(Each Seance: First Edition Booster Pack contains 12 random cards)

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